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Ansec’s consulting services are designed to address clients’ security and business needs. Our proven approach and empirically-based, systematic methodology yield actionable results in an efficient manner. We specialize in the following:

  • Assessments to fulfill HIPAA, HITECH, ISO and PCI-DSS auditing requirements
  • Tailored, industry-recognized solutions for strategy, governance, people, process and technology issues
  • Consulting and research services to address emerging and issues

Ansec offers these services:

Security Consulting: Ansec’s security consulting services include assessment, auditing and point solutions to address regulatory requirements (e.g., ISO, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, privacy laws) and to bolster performance. We address our clients’ data security and/or compliance needs from a holistic, business-focused perspective. This approach ensures that remediation recommendations support the organization’s efficiency and long-term security, while reducing clients’ cost and time investments.

Business Consulting: Ansec’s business consulting services assist clients in achieving business objectives at the strategic, governance, people, process and/or technology levels. Our clients engage us to assist with issues within their organizations or with compliance, customer or outcome issues as they relate their organization. We provide both quantitative and qualitative services to support our clients in these efforts (e.g. surveys, interviews, focus groups and analysis of appropriate metrics).