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Our clients are in the healthcare, retail, finance and academic sectors. Given the changing landscape of the healthcare industry and our team members’ expertise in HIPAA/HITECH compliance as well as customer satisfaction, our healthcare client base is increasing markedly.

The size of our clients’ organizations varies widely, depending upon the type of issues being addressed. We have served clients ranging from small local organizations with $200,000 annual revenue in addressing their customer satisfaction issues to global clients with $2B in assets in achieving and validating ISO 27002/17999 compliance.

As with client size, the decision-maker in each organization with which we work depends upon the type of issues being addressed. For example, engagements addressing strategic or customer offering decisions often involve the CEO or senior management, analyses aimed at employee turnover or satisfaction typically involve HR Directors, while audits or assessments focused upon security and/or compliance efforts typically involve the Chief Information Officer, Chief Financial Officer and/ CEO.

Following are testimonials from some of our clients:

  • “It is a delight to work with Steffani to not only achieve our industry requirements, but also to bolster our information security posture and improve our overall business.” (internal auditor, international retailer)
  • “You are the dream team – you always provide us with the best service with the experts we need. We appreciate not only your auditing knowledge but your strategic and business insights.” (quality assurance officer, global pension fund)
  • “I don’t know where we would be without you and your team over the past few years. We sincerely appreciate how you have consistently helped us not just achieve PCI compliance but also build a strong, knowledgeable team that ably maintains our compliance.” (cto, academic insitution)
  • “What is best about you and your team isn’t just your auditing and technical testing skills … it’s your great interaction and collaboration! It always a pleasure to work with you. I’m already looking forward to our ISO assessment with you next year!” (cio, financial services company)